Hoopers Low Impact Agility Workshop - Off lead fun and tasty treat training

Oswestry Show Ground - Hoopers Low Impact Agility Workshop - Off lead fun and tasty tre...

Oswestry Show Ground
Saturday 30.11.2019
From 10:00 Up to 11:30
Oswestry Show Ground
GBOswestryPark HallSY11 4AB
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A Dog Agility Sport For All Dogs and All Humans!

From 8 weeks to 80 years!

Hoopers is an exciting new all-breed inclusive dog sport in which the dogs follow a course of hoops and tackle tunnels and barrels.

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Hoopers is great because it can be learnt by any age of dog, from pups to veterans. How come?  Because it a low impact agility sport. Hoops and tunnels are roomy, making it comfortable for even large breeds to negotiate; as well as those with tiny legs.

Hoopers is also designed to minimise any injury to dogs, which can be sustained through jumping and using incorrect jump distances. Or through crouching for sustained distances through low tunnels.

Hoopers is also designed to minimise the need for the handler to run with the dog (Heavens at competition level you gain points for the less running you do!!) So it is great for anyone who isn't as fast on their feet as they used to be or for handlers who have mobility issues.

Here at BTPDS we believe that because Hoopers is an all-breed, all ages off-lead team building activity that it is perfect for our clients and their dogs. So we have workshops for owners to try and then start the course to really get you and your dog having a great time.

 Maximum of 6 dogs.

MANUAL INCLUDED . £20 PER DOG (plus booking fee)

Please note that handlers and dogs will have to attend a workshop to start a BTPDS Hoopers course. This will enable us to get straight down to perfecting  Hoopers,  and get you ready to try the Canine Hoopers UK Puppy and Bronze Award Tests at the end of the course. 

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