Imperial Interfaith: creating trust and understanding among faith groups

Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre - Imperial Interfaith: creating trust and understanding a...

Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre
Thursday 10.10.2019
From 17:30 Up to 19:00
Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre
GBLondonChemistry Building, South Kensington CampusSW7 2AZ
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10th Oct 17:30-19:00 Speed Faith-ing
A super-fast way to meet others and hear their views. With a chance to sign up for our Interfaith Buddies programme of one to one dialogues.

National Interfaith Week
14th Nov 18:00-19:30 Interfaith Open-Mike night.
Get a unique ‘insider’s view’ of other faiths at this informal event. Bring a poem, reading, music on the theme ‘From the inside my faith feels like…’ or just come and listen.

Wed 27th Nov 14:30 ‘Giving Offence/Taking Offence’
Using tried and tested methods of interfaith dialogue we will carefully explore together what offends us, how we might offend others, and how we respond.

All events take place in the Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre
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