Language Labs London Fields

Second Home London Fields - Language Labs London Fields

Second Home London Fields
Thursday 19.9.2019
From 12:30 Up to 13:30
Second Home London Fields
GBLondon125–127 Mare StreetE8 3SJ
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Thanks for your interest in joining Language Labs. Language Labs has been running for over a year and a half and has hosted lots of different kinds of workshops. From community leadership with community organising charity Citizen UK, to job training and conversation practise. These are led by some external organisations as well as various members of the Second Home community.The sessions focus on literacy and confidence building, providing the students with practical vocabulary to carry out essential day to day tasks in the UK - such as applying for jobs, dealing with finances, housing etc.The sessions also focus on assisting the students in understanding the differences in culture between their home country and the UK, while offering them a space to practise their spoken session will be different and engaging. You will find a detailed plan of the next few sessions on our website here.
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