Gong Bath & Tea Ceremony

Buddha on a Bicycle - Gong Bath & Tea Ceremony

Buddha on a Bicycle
Wednesday 25.9.2019
From 20:00 Up to 22:00
Buddha on a Bicycle
GBLondon27 Endell StreetWC2H 9BA
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Sitting on the cushions on the floor we appreciate exceptional oolong or pu-erh tea in a mindful and ritualistic manner inspired by Dao and Zen. Special grade puerh or oolong teas that come from the trees growing in the wild or from natural farming, brewed and tasted in a special set and setting, offer unforgettable sensory experience with a profound feeling of peace and stillness.We drink tea slowly and mindfully which allows us to be fully present to the senses of smell, taste, touch, to be present to all the sounds, to all we can see, feel and sense; and through this presence to all our senses we stop the chatter of our busy minds, we stop thinking for a moment about future or past, we experience and live the actual moment, we notice beauty in tiny simple things and we can be fully present to 'here' and 'now'.

After the tea meditation we lie down on mats on the floor in the darkness to experience the sound of gongs, singing bowls and healing overtone singing. These instruments create powerful sensations felt on the body and induce a deep meditative and mysterious state, an impression of being bathed in the ocean or floating in a cosmic space, an out-of-body experience, often accompanied by rich imagery dreams. The experience is very unique and different to each individual. Feeling of timeless nothingness, spiritual bliss, insights and healing can take place.

The session lasts 2 hours. Mats and blankets provided. Limited spaces. To check the last minute availability please text Kat to 07724302001.
Facilitator: Kat Bumbul (Sound Mysterium) is experienced sound healer (10 years), working with gongs, old Himalayan singing bowls and her unique voice, also a ritualistic tea artist, creating tea meditations inspired by Chinese and Japanese ceremonies and Taoist and Zen philosophy. Kat is available for private sound sessions inc singing bowls sound massage, also hand/energy healing, shamanic quest & healing, tea ceremonies/meditations, workshops and retreats.

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