Winchester Hotel and Spa - WINCHESTER LIFE CLUBS 2019

Winchester Hotel and Spa
Wednesday 9.10.2019
From 9:30 Up to 12:30
Winchester Hotel and Spa
GBWinchesterWorthy LaneSO237AB
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The children are back at school and now its time to re-evaluate your life, clarify what it is you truly want, and start taking action steps to get you there.
If you have contemplated changing an area of your life- going back to work, making more money, strengthening the relationship between you and your partner, managing your time, improving your health and fitness, carving out more time for yourself, figuring out how to de-stress, this is the workshop for you. 
We all have areas in our life that we want to change, but we always have excuses. We don’t have time, resources, money, etc. so we decide to do nothing. But you can change any area your life, for the better, immediately, if you want to. Listen, I wasn’t able to turn my life around until I started seeing a coach and using personal growth techniques like these. And once I did, I changed my career, started my own business, strengthened personal relationships, improved my health, and was able to manage my time 10x better. The strategies and techniques I teach you can also help change your life, one step at a time. 
Don't worry- this workshop is NOT a therapy session, nor is it a place to sit talk about all of your problems. This is a place to focus on solutions, goals, and next steps!
In this will workshop, I will teach you strategies and techniques to help you change any area of your life-- your relationships, finances, career, home, health or fitness. You will then be able to work on the strategies and techniques by yourself, because research shows, the more your interact in a workshop, the more likely you are to actually integrate them into your daily life.  Once you have understood the strategy, you be able to discuss with a partner 1-1 if this strategy helped change your perspective, rather than go in depth about the specifics of your life. Hopefully these strategies and techniques empower you to write down some goals or action steps. Plase know, you are allowed to share as little or as much as you please.
Join me at my Life Club workshops for a fun, relaxed, inspiring, empowering session where you get to get clear on what is and isn't working in your life, change your perspective and rmake significant and lasting changes in your personal and/or professional life!
I can help you move from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Let's do this together!
If you are thinking this workshop could be for you, but you are hesitating for whatever reason, drop me an email and we can set up a phone call to chat about what is holding you back!
Monthly workshops, taking place the second Wednesday of each month, from 9:30am-12:30pm.
Doors open at 9:15am, workshop starts at 9:30am.
You are invited to start any month. Feel free to attend just one workshop, participate monthly, or drop-in whenever you would like.
Seats limited to 12 people per workshop.
Hosted by Life/Career Coach, Alexandra Terhalle:

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Life Clubs:
Life Clubs Winchester is run by Life and Career Coach Alexandra Terhalle. Each month, Alexandra runs a three-hour group workshop, where you will learn more about yourself, gain awareness and insight about your current situation and integrate practical solutions in order to get more out of life.
Alexandra will lead you through some fun and highly interactive exercises, proven to make you happier, from which you’ll learn valuable personal development techniques that you will be able to use time and time again.
Please come and join us! 
For more information please visit
Or Email Alexandra at:
£49.00 (at the door or online) per workshop.
£39.00 for Students.
Orders are accepted on a provisional basis only. The host reserves the right to cancel the booking and return the payment at her absolute discretion.
The group coaching sessions take place once a month in the lobby at the Winchester Hotel and Spa.
Address: Worthy Lane, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7AB
11 September – Time To Realise Your Potential
9 October –  Time To Find Balance
13 November – Time To Make An Impact
8 January – Time To Find Your Purpose
12 February – Time To Find Your Direction
11 March – Time To Find A New Perspective
8 April- Time To Focus
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