Sound Bath Meditation/Deep Relaxation- 4 week programme

The Dancing Soul - Sound Bath Meditation/Deep Relaxation- 4 week programme

The Dancing Soul
Saturday 7.9.2019
From 19:00 Up to 20:15
The Dancing Soul
IEMonksland Business ParkAthlone
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Sound Bath is a relaxation session with the use of gongs, singing bowls, bells and other instruments which allow the mind to enter deep states of relaxation or meditation. 

You can listen to some sounds you can hear during our sessions, excluding the main attraction, which are the powerful gongs. Click here to listen.
Every person may react to it in a different way, that depends what is that you need right now and how was your day. There are some benefits and experiences that often repeat among participants, but the key is not to aim for any specific experience, just being with whatever is showing up for you at this time.
This is the practice of mindfulness, or as we call it, meditation with the sound. 
The sound is an anchor which we can focus our attention at, similar to the breath or focusing on the physical sensations. The instruments used during the session help the brain to enter the theta state, where meditation or greater awareness can be achieved. It especially helps if you find it difficult to meditate, Sound Bath is called a passive form of meditation, because you do not need to try to meditate, the mind slowly relaxes, and the brain waves change while listening to the sounds of gongs and singing bowls. We also use some simple body scan technique or breath awareness. 
The main benefit of the regular sessions is to allow the body to recharge and restore the proper function of the immune and hormonal system by reducing stress. Regularity also helps your brain to enter this relaxed state more easily when needed.
Some of the reported experiences include: 
falling asleep and deep rest, or entering a dream-like state
being more aware in an accepting way of the body, emotions, thoughts. 
widening consciousness, which may be felt like being able to feel and see all around you while you are lying down, feeling the body light or weightless, being some space above the ground
being lost in time
Entering very creative states, gaining inspirations, ideas, solving problems, moments of realisation.
deep relaxation, happiness, compassion, peace, calm mind and relaxed body 
Some people may feel energised while others may feel very tired or sleepy, emotional, frustrated

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some people may cry, allow tears to come, it may be a release coming from trapped emotions. 
You may be able to feel your body more, including pains and discomforts if you suffer for a chronic illness or your body wants to get your attention pointing at some problem. You may also feel that pain gains its intensity, and if you stay present and open for the experience, you may notice it easing and leaving the body. In cases of extreme tiredness or overwork, it may happen that mind will not relax in the first session and feel bored or frustrated. It is a process, and for some people, it may take a little time to get used to the idea of being still, but with practice, it becomes very natural and restful.
Do not force yourself to relax or look for any particular experience. It will come with time, step by step. It is a form of looking after your mental and emotional health, and it should be a regular practice to see more significant benefits in your life.
With regular classes, people experience greater peace and better sleep, also practising awareness and being able to stay in the present moment more often. That has lots of health benefits, connected with better stress management, lowering anxiety, helping with better sleep and coping with stressful situations. For some, it may be a great way to relax, and deal with stress, for others, it could be a regular meditation practice, while for other people it could be a way of accessing emotional health, traumas and working on the subconscious mind to change old patterns and habits of the mind. 
*****************************************************************************************Please bring a blanket, pillow and some extra padding like a sleeping bag or duvet, if you need to. We provide yoga mats, but if you wish something more to feel comfortable, feel free to bring it with you.
Cost of the 4 weeks course is €60 and we ask to secure your space by an online payment.                             PLEASE PAY FOR THE COURSE BY CLICKING ON THE FIRST DATE ONLY 7th of September.                               If you miss any of the sessions, you can come to any of the future sessions only if space is available.                      You can cancel your booking up to 7 days before the start of the course and receive a full refund.
You can come to any of the sessions if space is still available, and pay at the door with the previous text confirmation to 0851386529 for the cost of the drop-in class is €17 (please make sure you contact me before to make sure we have a space for you) a drop in tickets will be available after 5pm on the 7th of Sep.
The number of available places will be limited to provide a comfortable session.
For more information call Kasia 0851386529

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