Puppy Life Skills Stage 1

Bursledon C Of E Infants - Puppy Life Skills Stage 1

Bursledon C Of E Infants
Monday 29.4.2019
From 18:30 Up to 19:15
Bursledon C Of E Infants
GBBursledonSO31 8BZ
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6 week puppy course.
All the Group Puppy classes at Goodall Dog Training offer the most up to date, fun and effective ways of training available.
All puppy and dog training classes are family friendly and we welcome children who want to be involved.
If you choose Puppy training at Goodall Dog Training you are not constrained by course start dates. We run rolling start dates which enable you and your puppy to join and get started as soon as your vaccination timings permit. You can Start after their first vaccine usually around 8 weeks. (We do not take puppies older than 16 weeks on this particular course. For pups over the 16 weeks we have a Back2Basics class, please contact for more information )
At Goodall Dog Training our group puppy training classes run for 6 consecutive weeks; aiming to cover a variety topics, including socialisation, habituation, praise & reward, introduction to recall, toilet training, puppy play and biting, jumping up, impulse control, settle behaviours, handling techniques, introduction to loose lead walking, sits, downs and much more designed to prepare you and your puppy for life within the family, and as part of the wider community.
Classes are 45 minutes long, and will consist for the most part, of practical exercises, although there will be an element of theory and discussion in places.
We will send you weekly homework emails during the course with the content covered in class and can arrange phone or Skype sessions to help between classes should you have any queries.
Once you book you will receive a bumper filled welcome pack, information handouts and a variety of fish4dog samples. We offer discounted home visits for our puppy clients should you want some 1 to 1 time with one of our trainers.
What remains important, is that you are practising regularly and consistently in order to achieve success at the training methods you have been shown and it is always fun!
Reserve your space on this popular training course by selecting a start date and paying a £20 deposit, total course price is £85.
What to bring to class;

High reward treats – the class is a distracting environment and to keep your pups attention you will need something really tasty, example; Cheese, hotdog, chicken.

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Cut these treats up really small, as small as you can get away with, ¼ the size of a pea. We will be doing a rapid reward rate whilst they are learning so it is also best to either only give them half their dinner potion on training nights or bring that half with you to class.

A toy. Not a squeaky (distracting for other dogs) ideally something long so there is a big distance between your hand and the tiny land shark you just invited to live in your home. If their favourite toy is something small like a teddy, tie a bit of rope or an old dressing gown cord to it.

A bed/mat for your puppy to settle on.

A chew/kong to keep them busy for the times when we are talking.

T&C’s Deposits are non – refundable and full payment is due 48 hours prior to first session. Home courses are to be taken over a maximum of 8 weeks, group class start and end dates are set, unless discussed before booking is made. Please give 48 hours notice prior to your appointment/class if you need to cancel or rearrange. Payments are non – refundable after the 48 hours except under extenuating circumstances.
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