Fire, Cacao & Drumming - Early Bird Ticket

Hooton Village Memorial Hall - Fire, Cacao & Drumming - Early Bird Ticket

Hooton Village Memorial Hall
Friday 10.5.2019
From 18:00 Up to 21:00
Hooton Village Memorial Hall
GBEllesmere PortWaterworks LaneCH66 7NL
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Our SELLOUT Fire, Cacao & Drumming event is back oncemore!

We would like to invite you, your firends and family to join us for an evening of Fire, Cacao & Drumming. The gathering will take place out in the woodland of Hooton Village, just beside Hooton Village Memorial Hall and opposite Hooton Train Station. 

The evening will consist of a mixture of music, movement, meditation, an open fire and a special, potent brew of ceremonial cacao imported all the way from Peru. It offers those taking part a truly unique tribal experience as well as a deep sense of connection to the self and those sharing the space, influenced by a real drum circle, heart-opnening cacao medicine and by the Natural woodland environment. 

Drumming is a deeply hypnotic experience when shared with a group and gives us a chance to connect deeply with those around us, using nothing more than our drums, smiles and spirit to communicate. It’s widely discussed amongst drummers that the trance-like state induced in a drum circle is linked to the deeply-routed subconscious memory of being back in the womb, listening the heartbeat of our mother. 

Join us on this immersive musical journey as we pay homage to our ancestors who lived, sang and danced to the beat of the tribal drums. You will not be dissapointed!


We’ve just released 10 Early Bird tickets for the event at £24.50 each. These are set to disappear instantly, so wed recommend being quick! 

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The Benefits of Cacao

To add to the experience, everyone will be served a cup of natures’ naturally heart-opening plant medicine known as cacao or 'Food of the Gods'. Cacao has been used for many thousands of years for its medicinal and nutritional properties throughout Central and South America. 

Research has found cacao to have many cardiovascular benefits as well as an ability to increase oxygenated blood flow to the brain. It releases an abundance of bliss-inducing neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, dopamine and anandamide. Spiritually and emtionally, it is experienced as being a powerful heart-opening medicine which has been used cereonially for its ability to evoke feelings of closeness, love and connectedness to the self and others. We’ll be drinking cacao for all of these benefits, as well as for the boost in creativity it facilitates. 



With each ticket purchased you'll receive:

1 x Djembe Drum Hire

1 x Cacao Elixir

Guided Group Meditation

Djembe Drumming Tuition

Open Jam Finale 

And all of this will be enjoyed around an open fire as the sun sets across the farm. 

What's not to LOVE about that!


- Welcome

- Guided Mindfulness meditation, cacao introduction, cacao elixir and movement warm-up.

- Group drumming tuition by Ged. The tribe will be taken through a series of warmup exercises and introduced to a variety of drumming techniques and rhythms to get us going. All the while, the cacao will begin to work its creativity-awakening and loving magic.

- Connect & Chill Break

- Open Jam. This is where the magic really happens. At this point, we'll open up the circle for people to jam in whatever way feels right. It's here where the music will really take hold as it guides us on a journey out of the mind and in to the heart. People are welcome to sing, chant, dance or to play any other instruments they wish.

**Drum hire is included in the cost of the ticket; however, if you are bringing your own then please notify us upon booking. This event tends to be a SELL OUT so be quick in booking your ticket for this one by following link**

£27.00 per person 
£22.50 per person Early Bird

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