Predictive machines meet human. Can human centric creative process be improved by predictions?

BBC Broadcast Centre - Predictive machines meet human. Can human centric creative proce...

BBC Broadcast Centre
Wednesday 1.5.2019
From 18:30 Up to 21:00
BBC Broadcast Centre
GBLondonPresentation Suite, 3rd Floor, Broadcast Centre W12 7FQ
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We can’t possibly exhaust this topic in one night…! But it feels like we need to start somewhere. We already established that it is unlikely robots will take us over in creative production. Not soon anyway. However predictive machines are making their way into newsrooms and studios. Sometimes to make it cheaper, sometimes to make it better. Either way it turns out to be a spectacularly complicated process to create this human plus machine dream team.
This time we will explore the state of the art of collaboration between machine generated predictions and people in the creative process. What is the work ahead of us in order to make this join venture better? What is going to be the role of increased interpretability of predictions, the role of interfaces and how the work of content creator is going to change? Finally what are the dangers, and consequences to the business and the audience?
We have an amazing outline with Chief Data Scientist from Channel 4, Greg Detre for a start and I will be supported by Atte Jääskeläinen, a renowned ML researcher and a former Director of News and Current Affairs at Finnish Yle, considered to be besides BBC a leading innovator among public service broadcasters. 
Magda Piatkowska
Out confirmed guests are: 
Atte Jääskeläinen and Greg Detre 
Atte Jääskeläinen 
Atte Jääskeläinen is currently Professor of Practice at LUT University, Finland, and Senior Visiting Fellow at LSE, after spending a year as Visiting Fellow at Reuters Institute at University of Oxford. He co-authored EBU News Report 2018, “50 ways to make it better”. At LSE he co-directed an international research project on the future of news agencies. 
He also works as Senior Adviser at Fourkind, a consultancy on AI and other emergent technologies, as an adviser for media companies, as a podcast host and as a book author.
Atte has worked for more than 22 years in leading editorial positions in Finnish media, most recently as Director of News and Current Affairs in Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. He led the leading Finnish news organisation successfully through a major change, bringing it from both from a state of digital denial to an internationally recognised, even admired market leader and innovator of new services 
Previously, he was Managing Director and Editor in Chief of Finnish News Agency and before that Politics editor and earlier Economic editor of Helsingin Sanomat, the leading daily in Finland.

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Greg Detre
Greg trained as a computational neuroscientist at Princeton, studying human forgetting, and mind-reading using machine learning and brain imaging. He co-founded Memrise, now the second-largest language learning app in the world. As CTO of Big Health, he led development of their best-in-class sleep therapy iPhone app. Most recently, as Chief Data Scientist at Channel 4, his team has developed a flurry of new and prize-winning data products, across advertising, personalisation and forecasting.
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