Self defence class

81 Southwark Bridge Rd - Self defence class

81 Southwark Bridge Rd
Saturday 16.2.2019
From 14:00 Up to 15:00
81 Southwark Bridge Rd
GBLondon81 Southwark Bridge RoadSE1 0NQ
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Come and learn our unique self defence programme with four main disciplines incorporated; Muay Thai, Grappling, Krav Maga & Boxing. 

What will be involved?
- Striking with punches, knees, kicks & elbows.
- Grappling, takedowns & ground work.
- Reacting to any situation that could happen to you in the street, even knife & gun defences 
- Defending against multiple attackers
- Situational scenarios i.e. being on a bus, train, at work, sitting down, having small space to move around.

We cater to all fitness and experience levels.

£10 for adults
£5 for students

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