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Mediation Northern Ireland - Mindful Parenting Course

Mediation Northern Ireland
Monday 18.2.2019
From 10:00 Up to 12:00
Mediation Northern Ireland
GBBelfast83 University StreetBT7 1HP
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Mindfulness for Parents and Carers6 Week Mindful Parenting CourseThe course consists of six sessions. Each session lasts for 2 hours.It is aimed at parents and carers of young children and young teens. During the course we will explore many aspects of parenting and how bringing mindfulness to our roles as parents not only enhances our own well – being and lives but also those of our children. There is emerging evidence that suggests that extending mindfulness into families can support both parents and children. As a parent we have many demands and commitments often resulting in increased stress levels and scattered minds. We find ourselves managing not only our own emotions but those of our children. Mindful parenting can help reduce parents’ stress and help them to be present to emotionally charged situations so that they can respond more wisely, be emotionally available and thereby enhance the well being of their children.In this 6 week course you will learn how to be present for your children, how to be with difficulties without being overwhelmed and how to bring a sense of calm and ease to your own life and ultimately to your family life. We will explore practices that you can use at home with your children, designed to complement the ***** practices that you will be learning each week. This is a truly valuable course for any parent or carer. Mindfulness can be supportive for all parents and carers, helping them to be more in touch with their children, more connected, more present and less distracted by past regrets and future : £175includes a booklet of Kids’ practices with guidance and explanations for parents as well as ***** practice Bird offer - £150 if booked and paid for before 15th December 2018
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