Art (And/Or) Science Reading Group: The American West, Hubble, The Sublime

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Monday 25.2.2019
From 18:30 Up to 19:30
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GBLondon2 George CourtWC2N 6HH
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This is the February edition of our monthly Art (And/Or) Science Reading Group. The reading group will be a low-key and chilled affair, providing a chance to do some reading around art and/or science tied to an ongoing exhibition, and have a friendly chat exploring some of the ideas that are brought to the fore by these pieces.
The February group will cover 'Pretty Sublime’ by Elizabeth A. Kessler, in Beyond the Finite, available to read via Google Books here (pages 57-74).
We will relate this to some online exhibitions which you can view at your leisure. The first is Ansel Adams: Landscapes of the American West, recently shown at the Atlas Gallery in London and now available online here: . The second is Images From Mars Rover Curiosity, which you can see here: 
Next we have the online gallery of Albert Biestadt, available online here:  (apologies this site is a bit add-heavy). And finally we have images from the Hubble Space Telescope, found here: 
The reading group will last from 6:30-7:30pm after which we’ll have drinks and chats in the same place.
We are very keen on suggestions and volunteers to lead discussions over the rest of 2019. Future reading groups  provisionally relate to shows such as "Spare Parts" at the Science Gallery (March), Morag Keil at the ICA (April), and Ecovisionaries (October, as the exhibition is touring, due at the RA in Autumn) but we need more ideas and we're excited to hear from you!
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