It Stops Here Week: Show Debate

Franklin-Wilkins Building, Room 1.11 - It Stops Here Week: Show Debate

Franklin-Wilkins Building, Room 1.11
Wednesday 27.2.2019
From 18:30 Up to 20:00
Franklin-Wilkins Building, Room 1.11
GBLondon150 Stamford StreetSE1 9NH
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Motion: This House Believes That the #MeToo Movement has done more harm than good due to its lack of intersectionality. 

The #MeToo movement had been pivotal in addressing the disturbing culture of sexual harassment present in our society and has done much to empower individuals to report and have zero tolerance to any form of unwanted sexual advances. 
Despite this, the movement has lacked intersectionality therefore leaving many voices unheard and problems unaddressed.
In this debate in collaboration with both KCL Debating Society and ACS; we explore this problem in greater depth allowing for a critical look at the #MeToo campaign. 
The aim of this event is to support an important conversation about intersectionality, so as students we can better understand the different challenges we all **** to better cultivate a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all individuals at Kings'.

It Stops Here fully supports and appreciates the importance of the #MeToo movement; this debate and discussion is to highlight the short-fallings of the movement, to move forward to a more intersectional way of understanding all forms of bullying and harassment students may experience to better combat it. 

This event is only open to KCL Students'. 

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