PSA East Midlands March - Secrets of the future and the people that will inhabit it!

Novotel Nottingham/Derby - PSA East Midlands March - Secrets of the future and the peop...

Novotel Nottingham/Derby
Wednesday 6.3.2019
From 17:00 Up to 21:45
Novotel Nottingham/Derby
GBM1 Junction 25, NottinghamBostock LaneNG10 4EP
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What do we have in store for you this March at PSA East Midlands?
4.00 - 6.00pm: Those early birds that arrive can do some pre-networking, networking - jump on the Facebook group and see whose arriving early! Great chance to have a 121 with someone to find out about them, their business and speaker goals and objectives. Agenda6.00 - 6.45pm: Networking and Food (healthy and good choices) please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements eastmidlands@ - Welcome6.55pm - Member 10 minute showcase - Donna Smith 7.10pm - Member 20 minute showcase - Tony Brookes 7.45pm - Guy Clapperton - The Near Futurist: Are you working in the past?8:20pm - Break8.45pm - Michelle Mills-Porter - The Secret Life of People - Snippets 9.30pm - Wrap up9.45pm - Finish
Guy's talk - The Near Futurist: Are you working in the past?When did you last check your working practices? And the technology you use? A lot of my clients are convinced they’re up to date but a quick look demonstrates that they’re in their bubble, they set something up in 2015 and it’s nearly half a decade since then.You will;1. Go away with the tools to look at your business and how it works in a new light2. Get some ideas of how to forecast what’s likely to happen next from your surroundings3. Never mind “futurists” who forecast (sometimes brilliantly) where we’re going over the next 30 years – Guy aims to send you away with actionable points for the following day!Guy has been a technology journalist and commentator for 30 years. He started in the trade press just at the time Tim Berners-Lee was developing the World Wide Web in a lab somewhere – a fact of which he didn’t become aware until years later, but watching it develop has been fascinating.He wrote one of the first books on social media in the UK, he has acted as a Bafta judge on innovation on TV, he still works as a journalist and has been seen often in the Guardian, on the BBC and elsewhere. His current podcast, The Near Futurist, is growing talk - I’m going to give you X-Ray specs! These 45 minutes will be filled with top tips from all the communication areas that Michelle specialises in under the umbrella of the Secret Life of People, to give you an insight into your audience and your potential clients; 1. Non-visual communication, (Written word and phone) 2. Non-verbal communication and 3. Behaviour analysis.You will;1. Get the unfair advantage in building rapport before you even walk out on stage. 2. Get ahead of the competition before your proposal even lands.3. Get a blueprint for converting prospects into clients.4. A VIP test Pilot Invitation to The People Reader, to help you convert one of your prospects into your is a communication expert. Now, a Master Behaviour Profiler, her incredible insight was jettisoned forward during the biggest natural disaster in our living history when she witnessed what is that the core of humanity. Since then she has dedicated her life to unleashing people’s true potential. She runs a behaviour profiling company with 40 Practitioners in addition to her consultancy which enables her to work to increase performance in organisations by empowering their people and enhancing is the Creator of “The People Reader – the Bullet Proof System for Winning New Clients.”
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