London School of Paediatrics Simulation Course: FULL IMMERSION

Centre for Clinical Practice - London School of Paediatrics Simulation Course: FULL ...

Centre for Clinical Practice
Monday 29.4.2019
From 9:00 Up to 17:00
Centre for Clinical Practice
GBLondonChelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS TrustSW10 9NH
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The London School Of Paediatrics group has developed a training programme for all paediatric trainees. Trainees at ST3 level have been taking part in this programme for several years and this programme now includes ST1 trainees & paediatric nurses.
The programme has been divided into two training days. One will be spent using high-fidelity simulated scenarios which will focus on crisis resource management. This will enable trainees to become more comfortable managing specific scenarios, together with developing their team-working and communication skills. The second day will be divided into two. 1) Technical training skills (for example basic and advanced airway management) using part-task trainers. 2) communication training scenarios using actors in simulated roles.
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