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Zen Yoga Studios - Gong Magic Sound Meditation

Zen Yoga Studios
Saturday 26.1.2019
From 19:15 Up to 20:30
Zen Yoga Studios
GBLondon24a Camberwell GroveSE5 8RE
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The start of a New Year usually fills us with hope and inspiration for a more fulfilling year ahead.
Its a time to look at what we want in life, what we want to change, discard or bring into our lives for the better.   We can do the usual Goal Setting New Years Resolutions bit, but more often than not we don’t follow through for one reason or the other.   
I want us to be kinder to ourselves over the next few weeks and just look at ways of getting out of our own way, with whatever stands between you and that effortless flow.  We’ll use simple themes and work with intention to connect you with a mood or emotion primarily to align your mind with your heart. 
During each Gong Meditation, and with intentions set, you can simply relax into the moment.  Allow and trust the sounds to take you on a journey to greater self-knowledge, intuitive understanding and balanced clear thinking that supports you from the ground up.
Jan 12th 
Field of potential and your Souls Purpose. -  No pressue to seek, just allow the information to flow during this Gong meditation.  
Jan 26th
Clarity and understanding - Lao Tzu said, “Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.”  Come and find a semblance of clarity and understanding by learning to pull back from the chaos.  Perspective is everything, and our perspective changes dramatically depending on where we are standing.
Feb 9th 
Intention and direction - Setting intentions is a way of aligning yourself with what it is you desire and a way of embodying what it is that you want - its aim and purpose is heart driven, bringing your mind and heart in sync with each other.  This thought process is creativity in motion.
Feb 23rd 
Focus and attention - with so many distractions, information and technological sensory overload leaves us struggling with getting the simplests of tasks completed. Multitasking doesn't really work if you can't give 100% at any one time.  Stop short changing yourself and learn to focus effectivley. Its easier than you think.  Join me for this final Gong Meditation in this series.. 

To avoid Eventbrite fees contact me direct info@johjohnson.com.  
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