Find YOUR voice, being the REAL you!

The Lawns Hotel - Find YOUR voice, being the REAL you!

The Lawns Hotel
Thursday 31.1.2019
From 9:30 Up to 15:00
The Lawns Hotel
GBDerby23 High StreetDE73 6TB
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For many people, being able to communicate effectively at a personal level, can make the difference of whether you feel heard and respected in your relationships, not to mention the need to show more you have struggled with, or simply looking to fine-tune your communication skills, this workshop is going to change your life in some way or other; providing you with new ideas and tips to help you establish a strong focus and certainty in YOU! Make NO mistake, there WILL be "a-ha" moments and "breakthroughs" that happen throughout the course of the day. ALL we ask you to do, is come with an open heart and HostsYou can guarantee you'll have a fun and unique experience in this powerful workshop presented by Professional Actor/Speaker/Mindset Mentor, Buckso Dhillon-Woolley and Wellbeing Specialist, Susan Gardner. Buckso brings years of ‘behind the scenes’ techniques and ‘stage secrets’ from her career, which have helped achieve international acclaim (her latest cameo in Disneys Aladdin, released May 2019 and recurring role in the long-running soap,Casualty). Daily practices are what she will share with you, to help you know ‘how’ to find your voice and ‘feel’ confident and comfortable in yourself. Confidence isnt something we "BE", its the things that we DO!Susan virtually ‘lost her voice’ at a critical time of her life and determinedly found practical ways to help herself understand ‘what and why’ this had happened and ‘how’ she was able to turn things around. Now part of the Wellbeing at WiRE Derby team presenting monthly meetings alongside her co-hosts and leading other regular community initiatives, Susan weaves her extensive knowledge of META-health into the workshop for a complete, holistic approach. Programme for the day9:30am – Welcome and Refreshments 10:00am – Episode 1 is aired (A.M Session Starts)11:00am – To be continued... (breaktime)
11:15am-  Episode 1 Continues12:15pm – intermission (lunchtime- make own arrangements)12:45pm – Episode 2 is aired (P.M. session starts)
14:00pm – to be continued... (break)
14:15pm - Episode 2 Continues
15:00pm – Roll Credits.. (homebound)
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