Mindfulness in Lewisham (drop-in)

Good Hope Cafe (Ladywell Place) - Mindfulness in Lewisham (drop-in)

Good Hope Cafe (Ladywell Place)
Saturday 2.2.2019
From 8:30 Up to 9:30
Good Hope Cafe (Ladywell Place)
GBLondon261 Lewisham High StreetSE13 6AY
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Welcome to Urban Mindfulness drop-in sessions in South East London.
Our compassionate team of mindful humans run the Mindful Globe Project to spread awareness about the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is a lifetime skill, learnable by all, that brings balance & harmony into our lives. 
Mindfulness sessions teach and enable you to deepen your mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness is proven to assist relaxation, improve sleep, enhance mood, & encourage greater well-being. These sessions provide you with the tools that can help you relax and promote happiness through meditation & mindfulness-infused activities.
Each session is different, and we welcome you to begin and continue your journey with us.

Every mindfulness session is different and offers the following:
• mindfulness talks
• guided meditation
• self-reflection exercises
• gentle mindful movement
• group reflections (voluntary)

The learned techniques help you to develop a more calm, clear, & focused state of mind. By practising these techniques, you'll be better able to navigate the pace & challenges of modern city life without the need to go away. 

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We are an inclusive and friendly team and welcome everyone to these sessions!
The Mindful Globe

Location and other details:
All sessions are run in a lovely cosy Good Hope Cafe in a beautiful Ladywell building in Lewisham.

It is a 5 min walk from Ladywell Station, 10 min walk from Lewisham Station, and 15 min walk from Hither Green station. 

No mats or other tools or support required, unless you have a specific preference for your meditation practice.
If you have special needs or requirements please contact organisers - themindfulglobe@gmail.com

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