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Tuesday 29.1.2019
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"Just Eat It" by Laura Thomas
We're hosting a thirteen-week reading group, organised by our lovely resident Hannah Spruce. Each week we’ll be discussing a chapter of Laura Thomas’ Just Eat It. We'll meet in a friendly informal group and the main topic is a break down of our relationship with food and diet culture.
Whether you're after stimulating conversation or just a means to share your love of books, you can combine a week’s reading with an evening’s chatter. You don’t need to commit to attending every session. We do recommend purchasing the book, but have copies available to borrow online from The Greenhouse.

Why Hannah selected "Just Eat It"  
I've picked Laura Thomas’s new book, Just Eat It, because she's an advocate for the intuitive eating movement. Having followed Laura on social media, I found her arguments a source of confidence and inspiration. The intuitive eating movement encourages us to think critically about our relationship with food and question diet culture. With so many people having a complicated or disordered connection to food, I’m hoping this reading group can help us to think through our relationship with food and come out the other side with a new way of relating to food. Come join me. I promise it’ll be fun.

Tues 29th Jan: Introduction

Tues 5th Feb: Why is our relationship with food so messed up in the first place?

Tues 12th Feb: Ditch the Diets

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Tues 19th Feb: Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance

Tues 19th Feb:  Hunger

Tues 26th Feb: Weight and Body Neutrality

Tues 5th March: Neutralizing Your Inner Food Critic

Tues 12th March:Neutralizing Your Inner Food Critic

Tues 19th March: Unconditional Permission to Eat

Tues 26th March: Feeling Your Fullness

Tues 2nd April: Eating Your Emotions

Tues 9th April:Intuitive Movement

Tues 16th April: Gentle Nutrition

Tues 23rd April: Putting it all Together

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