Drug Discovery Club - Cell Based Technologies

East Seminar Room - Drug Discovery Club - Cell Based Technologies

East Seminar Room
Tuesday 5.2.2019
From 15:00 Up to 17:00
East Seminar Room
GBEdinburghInstitute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine
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Drug Discovery Club - Cell Based Technologies
New advances in cell based assay screening technologies including, induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) models, CRISPR gene editing, new 3-dimensional cell culture and organoid models, automated high content imaging and sophisticated image-analysis methods are transforming the application of cell culture based methods in drug discovery. Such developments are well placed to advance a new era of more informative and disease relevant translational research studies applicable to multiple aspects of drug discovery and drug development phases. Such developments are enabling the application of more complex and disease relevant cell- and tissue-based models to support novel drug-target identification; target validation, biomarker discovery and innovative chemical design. In this special session of the University of Edinburgh Drug Discovery Club we host two presentations from industrial and academic research initiatives specializing in the development and application of new cell based technologies in drug discovery.

Prof Neil Carragher, University of Edinburgh – “Development and application of high content cell based assay imaging technologies to advance drug discovery”

Dr Aidan Courtney , Censo Bio - “Using induced Pluripotent Stem Cell technology in Commercial Drug Discovery”

The seminar will be followed by drinks and nibbles kindly sponsored by Maucher Jenkins.
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