Beginner Sewing Course

Token Studio - Beginner Sewing Course

Token Studio
Thursday 13.12.2018
From 11:00 Up to 12:30
Token Studio
GBLondon694 Fulham RoadSW6 5SA
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For those who are willing to sew a dress for themselves or some home decors, some toys for baby, but get really confused about how to operate the sewing machine and reading the crazy lines on the pattern, this course covers all. This Sewing Course is going to go through all sewing basics for stitching on the sewing machine, from how to prepare your machine, fabric and set up your workplace, how to address common problems, after this 90-minute introductory class you will happily sewing ever after. As well this year in Token Studio we have received more than 1000 different types of printed fabric, you will have access to all of them during this course to creating you're first ever project, what are you waiting for, let's sewing something fun!
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