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Wednesday 12.12.2018
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Friday 14.12.2018
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MA Environmental Architecture, Royal College of Art 2017-18 End of Year Show
12-14 December 2018, Arts Catalyst, Kings Cross

Intertemporal Ecologies: in more than human worlds celebrates the work of the inaugural cohort of MA Environmental Architecture, Royal College of Art, exploring the future of environments, landscapes and ecosystems. It presents elements selected from the body of work produced collectively and individually over the last 15 months.
The research focuses the environmental and territorial disputes resulting from the extraction on lithium in the Salar de Atacama, in Chile: on the one side lithium emerges as a key component in the global pathways to mitigating climate change; and on the other, its extraction results in the appropriation of water - a living being at the heart of fragile ecosystems and indigenous territories.
The work presented reflects upon the role of design and architecture at the intersection of these incommensurable demands, while recognising the complex system of relationships and entanglements they are part of. The exhibition brings together the dynamic cycles of both mental, social and material ecologies that inform diverse relationships between human, non-human and other than human beings. Through a programme of workshops, talks and conversations the event will explore the past, present and future of environments as more than human worlds.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018
17:00-20:00  Opening of exhibition. Introduction by Godofredo Pereira and Adrian Lahoud + performance by Yussef Agbo-Ola: “Through each grain we multiply with silence, speaking from the limits of water, a stretching, to tear into a liquid-solid, only to dissolve the known, we seek, in search of the space between, acid rain and a decaying mitochondria.” 

Thursday, 13 December 2018
15:00-18:00  Making Kin Across Times and Species with Yussef Agbo-Ola and Gabriele Grigorjevaite, introduction by Jon Goodbun.

Friday, 14 December 2018

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10:00-13:00  Urban Ecologies Workshop with Rokiah Yaman (Calthorpe Project). 
14:00-17:30  Roundtable on the Architecture of Water with Vanessa Lastrucci, Emilie Glazer, Anna Santomauro and Christina Leigh Geros
18:00-20:00  Debate on Intertemporal Architecture with Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

Free and open to all, but booking is essential

For more information, please visit:

Image: Vanessa Lastrucci, Visualisation of stratified land and water rights in the San Pedro de Atacama watershed. Detail. 2018.

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