#SaveSheffTrees - I Stand with Great Trees of Sheffield

Sheffield - #SaveSheffTrees - I Stand with Great Trees of Sheffield

Thursday 24.12.2020
From 16:00
Monday 4.1.2021
Up to 16:00
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For those who wish to support Sheffield and our Trees from afar, who maybe have no idea who we are, but want to help support our roots, so precious they are...we thank you friends.
Are you going to #SaveSheffTrees?
hope so, we'd really appreciate it x

Sheffield, the greenest city in the UK, and used to be in Europe, until our Council started cutting them down in the middle of the night, unlawfully and police arrested pensioner residents woken from their beds, when they peacefully protested as the trees were under lawful consultation and should not have been cut down, which they were, noisely at 5am in mid November 2016. We peacefully protest in the name of 27,000 majority healthy, city trees of the 36,000 we have been blessed with for centuries, that majority were no doubt gifted to us (in the wisdom and generosity of our ancestors) by the world innovating steel industrialists who recognised the absolute need for this city with 7 hills and 5 rivers, to have protection from the grime, flood and misery of 19th century industrial revolution in particular. We still have severely high levels of pollution and still sometimes die in floods. Trees helped make us the happy friendly welcoming city it is today...and our ancestors made us steely with resolve ...the Council has no chance have they? (It's all about boring money and politics of course. Donated funds to look after trees ourselves have been offered along with engineering solutions to help with cracked pavements - but they still chop them down, despite their own tree panel experts recommending not to). We are made of steel and WILL make them stop, please help support us if you can by attending this potentially city changing event of a lifetime on this page, that Im prepared to continue for years if I have to. Our city and our millions of visitors past and present, will be sad for decades if 75% of our trees go, the cityscape changed forever,
Trees ARE us...
#SaveSheffTrees - please Twitter, share and care if you can...
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