How to Change the World: Tackling Inequalities in the UK

Queen's Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College - How to Change the World: Tackling ...

Queen's Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College
Tuesday 9.2.2016
From 19:30 Up to 21:00
Queen's Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College
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The relationships between socioeconomic backgrounds and race, and access to education, welfare and justice continue to cause major inequalities in the UK.

By bringing together a panel of professionals, campaigners and creatives involved in addressing these issues, we hope to raise awareness of these inequalities and discuss attempts to address them.

All welcome and there will be free wine and cheese and an opportunity to meet the speakers following the event!



Troy is a freelance videographer and award winning filmmaker from London. Troy started being a videographer over 4 years ago, in this time he has worked with Hogarth International and Nylon Films. He is the founder of Visionnary Arts, creator of the 'More Than Melanin' series, and the in-house videographer at No Fly on the WALL. He is also a first class graduate in digital media. He tries to use film to help businesses build their brand and help people tell their stories. Troy is currently working with Siana Bangura on “1500 and Counting”, a documentary exploring police brutality and institutional racism.

Troy will be showing one of his videos and speaking about his work, including his upcoming documentary and how you can contribute.

CUAI aims to help to raise money to fund Troy's documentary project, and will be circulating the relevant links before and after his presentation.

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Emmanuel joined Teach First, an organisation aiming to eradicate educational inequality, in August 2014 after completing the Leadership Development Programme, during which he taught English in Birmingham. Emmanuel is a graduate of the London School of Economics and upon completing his degree was elected as the Education and Welfare Officer of the LSE Student’s Union, a position he held for two years. During the Teach First Leadership Development Programme, Emmanuel founded the West Midlands Policy Network and completed a summer project at Google. He has also been a tutor at the Tach First Summer Institute, training incoming participants in teaching practice. In 2014, Emmanuel founded the Teach First Care Network, a group of ambassadors working to improve opportunities for children who grow up in local authority care.

Emmanuel will be speaking about the relationship between socioeconomic backgrounds and access to educational attainment and opportunity.


Mariam is a second-year undergraduate studying English who works as the Secretary for the CUSU BME Campaign. She is also a well-known spoken word artist and poet.

Mariam will be speaking about her work with the BME Campaign and performing one of her poems.


Grace works for Frontline, whose mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable children by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals to be leaders in social work and broader society. Grace is responsible for campus management and recruitment at Oxford, Cambridge and the South West, and Grace also manages the Brand Manager programme there. Prior to Frontline, Grace worked at Teach First, where she worked in their access team supporting disadvantaged sixth form students in accessing higher education. Grace implemented the development of the alumni programme and communications strategy. Grace also has additional experience working for a social enterprise specialising in higher education, employability and the graduate market.
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