Lost Village 2018

Lost Village Festival - Lost Village 2018

Lost Village Festival
Thursday 23.8.2018
From 14:00
Monday 27.8.2018
Up to 12:00
Lost Village Festival
United KingdomNorton DisneySwinderby RoadLN6 9QF
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3508 Participant
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🔮 Those on the Outside Will Never Understand 🔮

Located deep within a desolate forest, in depths of the Lincolnshire countryside, the Lost Village has been the source of rumour of many years. Long forgotten by the outside world, it is a place where reality flickers and the inexplicable occurs. A place where nothing is what it seems.

Once a year we, the curious ones, come together and prepare to head back into the forest. A four day journey into the land of the missing.

We dance to the most incredible sounds, we eat the most delicious of foods, we drinks the most amazing liquids and we explore a world that few will ever truly understand.

To find ourselves, we must first become lost…

Discover the Lost Village Experience here:
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