Postponed - Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day 2017

London - Postponed - Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day 2017

Friday 31.1.2020
From 12:00 Up to 23:00
United KingdomLondon
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An open day of events, exhibitions, open studios, performances, markets and workshops in and around the warehouses on Fountayne Rd and the surrounding area.

Bringing together a collection of creatives from a community with international origins which, over the years have come together focusing their artistic energies on an industrial area of Tottenham in North London.

The Fountayne Road and associated populous hail from all walks of life, often interacting innovatively both with one another and the greater London, in the UK and beyond. Their skills and expertise are multifaceted and creative outlets many, anything from photography to performance, painting to film, sculpture to writing and everything on the periphery or between is exhaled here.

This diverse event shows a pioneering cross section of artists and alike, offering an insight into this village-like hub, which has become such a melting pot for inspiration

Open Studios

Rachel Campbell’s Studio
Unit 7, Number 1 High Cross Centre

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Doom Cave
Number 3 Fountayne Road

IWA Tattoo Parlour
Unit 18, Number 5 Fountayne Rd
Tattoo design workshop

Unit 1, 7 Fountayne Rd

Breathing Room
Unit 7, 7 Fountayne Road
Once again artist Blair Zaye opens his studio in collaboration with Eduardo Cariglino with an interactive 3d mapping and projections.

Blair Zaye

Eduardo Cariglino

Ksenia Burnasheva’s and Camille Yvert’s Studio
Unit 8, 7 Fountayne Road
Doors open 2 - 6pm
Photography, prints and sculpture available on display

Camille Yvert

Ksenia Burnasheva

KITSCH - Photography Studio
Unit 17, 7 Fountayne Rd

KITSCH is a London-based photography studio with photography services and Studio Hire.

Dominique Croshaw
360 VR of various warehouse spaces

Lucy Crump
A series of video portraits featuring residents of the warehouse community and their interpretation to the art of storytelling.

Outside KITSCH
Jess Emery
Cork board style exhibition of poems

Phyllis Smith’s, Rebecca Parkin’s and Sira Zika’s Studio
Unit 18, Number 7 Fountayne Rd

Phyllis Smith, Rebecca Parkin and Sira Zika open their studio with a selection of work.
Phyllis graduated from Edinburgh College in 2012, she makes abstract paintings painted and drawn with a variety of materials.
Rebecca uses drawing and painting to explore contemporary mythologies, she graduated from The Royal College in 2009.
Sira ,German born fine art graduate from Aki Academy in Holland. Working mainly with oil, exploring the areas between the figurative and the abstract.

Unit 19, Number 7 Fountayne Rd
Location Photography

The Annex
Unit 22, Number 7 Fountayne Rd

Exhibiting Artists
Corridors of Number 5 and Number 7

Abigail Stevenson
Charlotte Chew
Emma Brassington
Gemma Seddon
Gregory Anderson
James Christie
Michelle Tylicki
Monika Tobel
Neal Bipin Desai
Omowale Xaymaca Irie
Rachel Walker
Sammy James Britten
Tarik Berber
Yasmine Dainelli

Arty Extras

Bitchcraft & Debauchery
The witches of Wombcave are ready to make all your dreams come true.
Although it comes at a price. We don't accept cash payments, you'll have to make a swap with our friends from the other side...
They're very accommodating.

Massive Fox Puppet
Siân Kidd

Paint Jam (Outside number 7 Fountayne Road)

Charlotte Chew
Emma Brassington
James Christie
Pablo Bueno Melchor
Rachel Campbell

Bones & Pearl Studios
60-68 Markfield Road, N15 4QA

Brains & Lip present I’m Gonna Get Ya

I’m Gonna Get Ya presents a gang of contentious, rowdy and mischievous works from artists that confront issues of identity, sexuality and female empowerment.
Bringing together rebellious painting, illustration, sculpture and performance, the exhibition resists against the restrictive expectations of the elitist, patriarchal art world.
Brains & Lip are a creative duo that support and promote fierce and tenacious artists through curating exhibitions and hosting events.

The Mill Co Project.
Gaunson House 3, Markfield Road, London, N15 4QQ
We have formed co-operative environment in which the the independent community can thrive, providing affordable workspace where independent artists can work together and collaborate. We also provide workshops, shoot, gallery and event space, providing an inspirational alternative to working from home or a cafe.

Craving Coffee
Unit 3, Gaunson House, Markfield Road, N15 4QQ
Craving Coffee is an independent coffee led company with a licensed cafe in Tottenham run by locals Matt & Rachel Ho.
We serve speciality coffee & tea, craft beer, boutique wine, cocktails and local artisan food.
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