30 East Drive Pontefract Ghost Hunt/sleepover

30 East Drive Ponterfact - 30 East Drive Pontefract Ghost Hunt/sleepover

30 East Drive Ponterfact
Saturday 5.5.2018
From 20:30
Sunday 6.5.2018
Up to 11:00
30 East Drive Ponterfact
United KingdomPontefract30 East Drive
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Are you brave enough to consider spending an entire evening at 30 East Drive??
£65pp.. secure your spaces with a £25 non refundable deposit.
Remainder to be paid 4wks before - fri 6th April
Sleepover is optional

Fred the poltergeist is said to be the most violent poltergeist in Europe.

This 50s property is well known for its intense poltergeist activity and very strange occurrences.
The poltergeist known as the black monk of Pontefract began his occurrences in 1966 after the Pritchard family moved in.
The occurrences/activity continued for a number of years where family members would witness such activity going on.
The house quickly become famous for its activity all over the globe.
Newspaper articles were written and the film "when the lights go out" was released in 2012 which was based on the events that occured at this property.
The family reported items levitating, lights would turn on and off, objects would be moved including heavy furniture, heavy breathing, vast temperature drops.

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There have been many reports of what is described as a black robed figure being seen.

The actual house has had little done to it in 65 years due in no small way to the ‘sitting tenant’. Well, the central heating works when ‘Fred’ isn’t interfering with it, and there is double-glazing – which is regretted, because the owner is determined to keep the 70′s vibe that the property is synonymous with. It is a little damp – not because of any leaks, but mainly because of the old well (down which the body of the executed monk and his victims are said to have been thrown) that sits directly under the house.

The furniture is 70’s authentic (it was bought from charity shops locally as the original furniture was removed by the Pritchard family before they sold the property) as is the overall experience; the tempramental cooker is original and dishwashers didn’t exist in the 70’s, if you get the drift?

There are three beds without bedding (a double, and two singles) . The third bed, in the small room was trashed by the poltergeist (‘Fred’) during a 3am loss of temper, so please bear this in mind when deciding to spend the night in this particular room.

Bring sleeping bags and think camping
Refreshments will be provided.
Wrap up warm as this property can get cold.

You will have access to our equipment and take part in various experiments throughout the evening.

You must be over 18
No alcohol or drug use
No aggression
Be respectful of team and guests
Any of the above rules broken you will be asked to leave immediately.
Any unacceptable or disruptive behaviour we have the right to ask you to leave if you do not adhere to one warning.
Anyone removed from the premises for any of the above are NOT entitled to a refund.

Any medication or medical conditions we need to know about then please contact the FEARLESS AFTERLIFE ENCOUNTERS page so that it is kept confidential.
we cannot be held responsible for any serious condition kept from us.

We allow free time and lone vigils.
In the event of a heart condition or serious illness we have the right to refuse a lone vigil.

You are expected to wear suitable footwear and bring a torch.
Not at any time will we allow anyone to take part in a pair of heels or wedges for health and safety reasons.
In the event you forget a torch you can borrow one from the team.
When given free time you can borrow equipment providing you sign for it.

We operate on a first come first served basis.
All payments are due 4wks prior to event date, in some cases it will be 6wks.
There will be a couple of reminders on the event itself and our page when payments are due but if you pass the deadline of payment you lose your space and ticket will be re sold.
We do not individually give reminders therefore is your responsibility to remember these dates and check back and/or keep a look out for these reminders.
Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.
Your space is NOT secured without a deposit.
We DO NOT hold tickets.
We DO NOT give pay on the evening options.
We DO NOT make exceptions and extend payment dates.
If you cancel less than 14days prior to event date then you lose all that you have paid.
Giving more than 14days notice you will be partially refunded as you lose deposit amount.
NOT at any time will we swap a ticket from one event to another.
Any tickets won on a raffle can only be used for that specified event and will expire on that specific date, these tickets won by raffle cannot be exchanged for a credit note or cash.
In the event that Fearless afterlife encounters ltd cancel an event then you ARE entitled to a refund.
Any events cancelled by us will only be done so for reasons out of our control with a venue.

All guests will sign in at the beginning of the evening in case of an emergency or fire drill during the evening.
You will need to sign out before leaving at the end of the evening as the team cannot leave the building until everyone is accounted for.
We also ask that you leave us a rating out of 5 stars in the signing in book before you leave and would also appreciate it if you would be kind enough to leave a review on our page.

Our guests are expected to sign disclaimers due to the nature of what we do and we cannot be held responsible for personal belongings.
We cannot allow anyone to take part without signing our disclaimer and guest book.
Any refusal to sign a disclaimer or the guest book then we have the right to ask you to leave immediately and no refund will be given.

We ask for contact details 1week before the event, if you come as a group then we need 1persons details from that group and also expect that 1person to have their group participants contact details.

We provide refreshments and snacks unless an event includes meals or we are running a freebie.
Our events do not provide accommodation unless stated otherwise.
If you are travelling and require accommodation then it is your responsibility to seek accommodation.

We cannot guarantee activity therefore cannot be held responsible for any quiet evening with little or no activity.


we have given FREE ghost hunts and will do so as and when possible.

we like to give our guests a say therefore will consider any locations suggested to us that we have not already booked.

we have a few methods other teams do not use

you can pre order t-shirts with us

we appreciate everyones input and thank everyone that supports us.

We looking forward to meeting with you and hope you enjoy the page and/or events ☺

Any complaints please send to fearlessafterlife@gmail.com
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