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Monday 9.9.2019
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Becconsall Old Church
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July 8 2017:
Ok Family Becconsall,
It Is Time to Start Getting Serious !!! . . . Please Read Below

A Once In A Life Time Event !!! . . .
'A Global Gathering Of The House of Becconsall'
A Reunion & Tour of the UK . . . When: Sept of 2019
Let's Bring This Old Established Family Together
In The Ancestral Home Land . . .

UPDATE DEC 5, 2019
Important Notice, Please Read & Pass Along !!!

Hi Becconsall Family Around The World,

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We have a bit of a problem in reguards to The Becconsall Family Reunion . . .

There has been alot of interest from all over the planet in regards to this event & we where going to try & put it together from the US side but that is proving a difficult task since no one at this end knows the area well enough to put it together from here . . .

If we are going to make this happen we Really need to form a committee from the UK to make it possible. It is a Large Project & will take some dedication & research to pull it off . . .

We need a hotel for the event either in Becconsall (prefered) or as close as possible with a Banquet Room & transportation for tours of the Family Areas . . .

At this point the date around Sept of 2019 my not work & that is OK. It can be set to the most convieniant, best weather date available . . .

International Air will be up to each family but it would be nice if someone could check out the best & least expensive way to get from London to Becconsall or the Hotel area & set-up a way we can make Hotel room deposits ect . . .

I understand if no one has the time & energy to pull this off but if you can we would All Appreciate It . . .

If there is anyone out there who is willing to take on this Amazing Event please let my know & I will be Glad to work with you from across the pond . . .

Please Let Me Know & We'll Go From There . . .


CJ Becconsall Whitehead
PO Box 161093
San Diego, CA 92176
+1 619 665 7448
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