Hazel Dixon's and Wizzy Radley's Wedding

Castle Coch, Wales - Hazel Dixon's and Wizzy Radley's Wedding

Castle Coch, Wales
Saturday 29.2.2020
From 13:00 Up to 23:00
Castle Coch, Wales
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Deal: If both still single by this date, then you're all invited. (Date chosen as Hazel wants to be married on a leap year). Well, Hazel technically didn't say she wanted to get married on a leap year. Hazel said she wanted to get engaged on a leap year so she could feel like she was in Around the World in 80 days. However, this is cool too :p

Butler dressed as Mad Hatter will deliver you invitations! Won't leave until you've cancelled all other appointments for that day.

Invitations will include your special cake request, which will be served alongside big cake (GIGANTIC caterpillar cake! =D) There will also be one cake that is entirely covered in those edible silver *****. Also, a house sized gingerbread house. Filled with a family of gummy bears

1. Rings: Hazel requests 24 carat gold handcrafted Haribo ring

2. Vows: To be written by each lassy.

3. Activities: Musical chairs, musical bumps, twister, sleeping lions!!! Naked darts and later on EXTREME naked darts and pillow fights and EXTREME pillow fights, And hide and seek!! In a castle!

4. Cake: everywhere. Christie is in charge of cakes.

5. Menu: Starter: One bagel on each table and people can rip bits off.

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Main: Chicken "dressed like a duck" Or shaped chickens... !
Dessert: Cake, jelly and Ben and Jerrys Phish food ice-cream. AND VIENESSE WHIRLS!
Drinks: Sprite and Relentless on tap.

6. Dresses: Bride: Floorlength rainbow bubble wrap, with train of bubblewrap. necklace of gummy bears
Bridesmaid: Interlinking Haribo dummies and rings etc. Specially for the assigned best man.

7. Music: Elvis in Zombie form, Vitamin String Quartet and Nickelback.

8. Party bag: Will contain: Entire cake, toys, condoms, small ginger child, piece of the moon, innocenet smoothie, pixie stick, remote control helicopter, vuvuzela, banana, balloons, yoyo, *** tape of you and your favourite politician for selling to Daily Mail, next week's winning lottery numbers. confetti, crayons and colouring book.

9. Confetti: Edible rice paper please! =D

10. Waiters: Oompa Loompas.

11: *********: Not quite sure what Wizzy meant when she told me but either they will be dressed as Jacquleine or they will be Jacqueline

12: Wedding Night: Wizzy and Hazel will be wearing candy necklace underwear for the wedding night ;)

13. Annadel Horner will play Father of the Bride

14. Sweets: You will at no point be more than 3 metres from somewhere to get pixie stix, sherbet, nerdz, double trouble chocolate fudge, flying saucers or any other sweets. Incl: Giant pick and mix.
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