Finishing Touches- A Play by Brian Daniels

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Leeds Beckett University, City Campus, Calverley, CL113
Tuesday 24.1.2017
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Leeds Beckett University, City Campus, Calverley, CL113
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Finishing Touches- A play by the established playwright and theatre practitioner Brian Daniels.

'Kids in care - that was our family. After our mum was throttled we were put into care.

I know what you're thinking - losers'.

Brian Daniels' fourth play explores historic and contemporary abuse when the lives of mother Carol and her 15-year-old daughter Dawn collide with the very different worlds of Neil and Roy, two old pals from boarding school who are thrown together again after 30 years. Trailing the pain of the past into the reality of the present is a huge struggle, and it soon becomes clear that the 'right' type of help is not always readily available. Can the characters use their parallel experiences to support one-another towards release and recovery, or does childhood abuse indeed cast the finishing touch?

'Finishing Touches' was commissioned by legal firm Leigh Day with the aim of educating and engaging legal practitioners with the mental realities of the lives and experiences of their clients, focusing on both "peer-on-peer" molestation, and on the effect of institutional abuse on more mature survivors. The play premiered the Barbican Theatre, London in August 2016 following a 3-day Research and Development programme. A second performance is planned for the Barbican in March 2017.

•'I thought that the play was very good and the standard of discussion in the Q & A was excellent' - Barbara Stephens, CEO Dementia Pathfinders

•'A very stimulating read-through. I would like my daughter who is a social worker in child protection to see this' - Jack Pizzey, Journalist (husband of Erin Pizzey)

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•'I've never seen such a reading and four it very interesting and enjoyed it, so thank you for including me' - Circuit Judge John Altman

•'It is great, I really liked it' - Julie Bindel, Journalist/Campaigner

Please see link below for further information on Brian Daniels: Playwright/ Producer/ Consultant

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