Lord Voldemort's Birthday Party

Chamber of Secrets - Lord Voldemort's Birthday Party

Chamber of Secrets
Tuesday 31.12.2019
From 19:00
Wednesday 1.1.2020
Up to 6:30
Chamber of Secrets
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So it's going to be 1 **** of an end to the decade and all in the honour of the great man AKA The Dark Lord AKA Big Daddy V AKA Iccle Tommy Riddle AKA ****** Master Flex AKA VOLDEMORT!

Pre lash will begin at Malfoy Manor followed by a journey to Knockturn Alley where we'll smash the Three Broomsticks and the Death Eater's lair! Then we'll all make our way to the Chamber of Secrets, we'll be hitting firewhiskeeey like it's pumpkin juice homie!

Make sure you turn up to honour the master, we may have a theme of dressing like Harry "Where's your mother" Potter or standard Death Eater cloaks. Either way it's gonna be off the chain and if your lucky you may be able to touch Voldemort's massive snake, by that I mean Nagini of course!

He may have 7 horcruxes but he wants about 10000 *****-cruxes attending so ladies make sure you're in leaky couldron mode!

STRICTLY no Muggles, Squibs, SPARKLY Vampires or Durmstrang allowed! However, Beauxbatons are VERY welcome... ENJOY
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