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Saturday 21.7.2018
From 11:00
Friday 14.9.2018
Up to 17:00
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Welcome to the Summer Season of the in store Blood Bowl League!
The Lords League is great for both new players and veteran coaches who want the full 'classic' Blood Bowl League experience. Over 10 weeks you'll slog it out on the pitch with your opponents in the hopes of making it to the play off's and taking home this seasons trophy! If you'd like to join in just take a look at the rules below, and if you haven't already be sure to let us know you want to join by posting here or send us an email. Season already started and you still want to join? Not a problem! Just get in touch with us.
Entry to the league is £2, payable by PayPal or in store any time before your first league match.

-The Rules
We will be using only the rules found in Death Zone Season 1, other than star player and infamous coaching staff inducements which are usable from any current Blood Bowl publication.
Piling on and Illegal Procedure are in use during the league.
Players may elect to play on any of the pitches in store or may bring their own pitches with them should they wish to use the special rules for them (with their oppoents consent).
Special Play Cards may be used only if BOTH coaches consent.

-Team Selection
Teams may be selected from the Blood Bowl Rulebook, Death Zone seasons 1 & 2, the Blood Bowl Almanac and Spike! Journals.
You have 1,000,000gp for your starting team roster.
Teams returning from any previous season have an adjusted treasury as follows: 1,000,000gp, + 10,000gp per match played last season, + 5,000gp per casualty inflicted and touchdown scored last season, + any gold left in last seasons treasury, up to a maximum starting treasury of 1,250,000. Any gp above this disappears into the ether (Tzeentch did it).
Teams returning from the previous season may buy back any player from the previous season with any skills, SPP and/or injuries at their indicated cost (example a player who gained one normal skill would cost his base value + 20,000 GP). Re-rolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and apothecaries will also need to be re-bought. Any fan factor from the previous season carries over for free.

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You may not hire star players into your roster.
You must bring your up to date team roster with you to each match.
All team members must be numbered. This can either be on the model or on the rim of its base.
Conversions and proxies are allowed within reason. Example: using a fantasy model with a flail as a goblin fanatic is acceptable. Using a skaven team with plague monks as Nurgle Rotters is acceptable. Using a goblin fanatic as a human lineman is NOT acceptable. If in doubt, get in touch with us.

-Playing matches
League matches can be played in store between 21/07/2018 and 15/09/2018. The following will be specific league days and times in store: Wednesdays 10am - 3pm, Thursdays 4pm - 10pm and Saturdays 11am - 4pm.
Your first 8 league matches will award you the following points: 3 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss. You are welcome to play the same opponent more than once, however in each subsequent match against a team you have already played in the league your points will be reduced to 2 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.
You may play more than 8 matches, however you will not earn league points from them (though your opponent can if they have not played their 8 matches yet). You will however keep any SPP's, Winnings and Injuries, and each will give you an extra 10,000 gold to your treasury to build your starting roster next season.
If you want an easy way to organise matches, be sure to join and post in the Stormforge Gaming Group:

-The Prizes
The top 4 players at the end of the league will be invited back to participate in the play offs. The winner of the final will recieve this seasons trophy. There will

There will also be a raffle for store vouchers at the end of the league. Players get one ticket for paying their entry fee and one for each of the following:
Playing 8 league matches
Having a fully painted and based team at the end of the season
Best painted team at the end of the season
Reaching the play offs
Most touchdowns in the league
Most casualties in the league
Player with the most SPP at the end of League

Need to grab some gear for your team before the event? Take a look at the full Blood Bowl range on our webstore---->
That's it! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us. Now lets go have a good clean game* of Blood Bowl!
 *That means no performance enhancing incantations or fouling where the ref can see it.
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