Be Still - Our Health and Wellbeing  Matters Conference

The H Suite - Be Still - Our Health and Wellbeing Matters Conference

The H Suite
Saturday 23.6.2018
From 9:30 Up to 17:00
The H Suite
GBBirmingham100 Icknield Port RoadB16 0AA
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The New Testament Church of God’s Women of Destiny Discipleship Ministries and Villa Cross Soup Kitchen warmly welcomes all delegates, guests and contributors to Be Still – Our Health and Wellbeing Matters! Download the event flyer here.
This one- day conference has been arranged because women have shared with us over time that Breast Cancer Awareness, Diabetes signs and symptom management, loneliness and Isolation are some of the areas that impact their lives.
Our guest speakers are passionate about the messages and information they want to share and are looking forward to the many conversations and questions they will have with you.

Guest Speakers:
Loneliness & IsolationJune McKenzie
Breast Care & Breast ScreeningRosemary Isaacs
Living with DiabetesTony Kelly
Conference CounsellorPaulette Peters
Further Information:
Cynthia Spence:  07932 611815
Beverley Stephens:  07946 613856  | or Email:  hello@

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It seems timely for us all to receive, share information and have meaningful conversations about how we work together to preserve our health and wellbeing.
We look forward to seeing you!
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