Middleton Cabin Owners Hartlepool Emergency General Meeting

Hartlepool Smallcrafts Association - Middleton Cabin Owners Hartlepool Emergency Genera...

Hartlepool Smallcrafts Association
Sunday 21.1.2018
From 10:30 Up to 12:30
Hartlepool Smallcrafts Association
United KingdomHartlepoolCommercial StTS24 0SA
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UPDATEthis is still very important so please all try to come. The council have tried to spread propaganda to say they have saved the day. NOT TRUE the fishermen already did have a contract until next april and it was not up for a rent review until then. It is was Shane Moore who in the regeneration meeting helped the cabins by getting cranny to offer an olive branch. Noone else had spoke to cranny at that point.
They are saying in their announcement the fishermen will be offered a years grace to find somewhere else? they already had another year. they did not want to move here anyway and were forced to so mandale could develope the Marina. That meant a huge increase in rent to a place nowhere near as nice and no ammenities. The council offered the subsidy as a carrot on a stick to get them to move not out of the goodness of their hearts. It is the councils job to help small none profit business.
Now we need the townsfolk to come and show soludarity against them. Its time we stood up to this council instead of just allowing them to get away with all they come along on sunday morning .......an invitation from Middleton Cabin Owners Hartlepool
UPDATE An announcement was made by a councillor that we have good news, but the head of he committee has not met with cranny yet and its all down to him signing to extend the lease then we need to gain grants. so this is still very important.
Please be advised that an EGM has been organised for Sunday 21st January 2018, at the Hartlepool Smalcrafts Association starting prompt at 10-30am. All press and TV will be invited, along with Hartlepool Borough Council. Any voting that may take place will be strictly for Cabin Owners Only, apart from that we welcome people to come along.
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