Santacon London 2017

London - Santacon London 2017

Saturday 9.12.2017
From 12:00 Up to 18:00
United KingdomLondon
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What happens
At a set time before midday, Santas assemble at different meeting places in all over London—exactly where and when is emailed to Santas only the day before (register now!). The groups of Santas each set off on a different route through London, spreading glad tidings, visiting famous landmarks, and enjoying the odd snifter along the way. Santa flag-bearers lead the way and Santa herders keep Santas on track. Lost or late Santas can find out where Santas will be next by checking the Santanav Twitter feeds.

How to attend
To attend Santacon you've got to do three things, Santa. First, register. Second, look out for the email that tells you where and what time to meet: it'll arrive just before the event! Third, make sure you know the rules, Santa. There's just two:
Christmas apparel is mandatory. A Santa hat is not enough. Buy a Santa suit. Make a Santa suit. Customise a Santa suit. Remember that reindeer and elves are welcome too. Be creative. Glue cotton ***** to red long johns, utilise Christmas decorations!
Don’t be THAT Santa. Be Jolly! Be merry! Enjoy the surreal silliness of 1,000 Santas thronging the streets of London! But make sure your merriment doesn’t become another’s grief. Bad behaviour such as leaving litter and climbing on things is no way to spread goodwill and it gives Santacon a bad rep, which makes it harder to put it on again next year. So check yerself, Santa, and check other Santas. If you see one getting too rowdy, tell a Santa herder.

Do I need to buy a ticket?
No Santa! But you do need to register. Registering means providing an email address so we can send you more information, including the all-important start time and location. Without that info, you can't come to Santacon!
Why make Santas register when it's free anyway?
It's because so many Santas are now attending Santacon that we have to get a better idea how many are likely to turn up, for planning purposes. Also, if needs be we can limit how many Santas can register for per route--the reality is we can only fit so many Santas on each.
What's all this North Route, South Route, East Route and Family friendly Route business?
So many Santas come to Santacon these days that we have to put on more than one route to fit them all in. This year, the details of each route remains to be confirmed, however please note the family friendly route will NOT involve pub stops and drinking is discouraged. If you're not sure which to pick, don't worry: all routes are in central London and all involve parading through the streets and spreading Christmas cheer. Just pick one and register, Santa.

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What if I register for all routes?
Please don't, because we need to know numbers attending each route as best we can, Santa. If you do, the elves will reduce your registration to just one and if you don't like what they've chosen you'll have to cancel and register again.
Can I register as press/photographer only?
Yes, but we will need proof of this after you have registered.
Can I come just wearing a Santa hat?
No, Santa!
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